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BBQ Gas Torch


 Butane Burner Blower Welding Outdoor Camping BBQ Gas Torch lighter Flame gun for Kitchen.



Outdoor Camping Bbq Gas Torch Lighter Flame Gun For Kitchen.

Gas torch

Chefs Brulee Blowtorch Butane Jet Flame TorchCooking Soldering Welding Brazing Plumbing.

gas torch – mini–Welding Torch, butane Torch Ns-500

gas torch one-touch automatic ignition, portable, easy using, multi-function gas torch, flame gun, mini welding torch, Butane gas torch.   Model: ns-500. Products show. Use instruction. The appliance is now ready for use. Adjust the flame between "-" and "+" (low and high heat) position as required.   Technical characteristics: 1. Product dimension:170x50x65mm. 2.weight:130g. 3. Ignition: ignition is activated by piezoelectric electrode. 4.nominal heat input:1,65kw. 5.heat output (gas consumption):120g/h / 1,420kcal / 5,640btu's. 6. Maximum temperature:1,300.   General specifications: 1. Ultra-light compact design. 2. Convenient and easy to use (ergonomic design fits easily into the hand). 3. Patented allows to be used safely at convenient easy to use cartridge socket. 4. multi-function for use in home and workshop.