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99800 mAh 12V Generation Durable Battery Car Jump Starting Booster

Package included: 1 x Multifunctional portable vehicle emergency starting power Description: Starting power supply: 300A Peak current: 600A Capacity: 99800 mAh Recommended range: 40 80degreeC USB interface output: 5V/1A/2A Charging input voltage and current: 5V/1A Charging time: about 2 to 3 hours Output port voltage: start port 12V LED on, mode switching method: hold down the power switch for 3 seconds to turn on the constant light, press again to switch to flash mode, press again to switch to SOS mode, double click red and blue flash, double click off. Fire frequency upgrade: can fire 20 30 times in a row Balanced charging system: to prevent voltage instability 5.0L gasoline car, support 12V/5.0L specifications of gasoline car. 3.0L diesel car, support 12V/ 3.0L specification of diesel family car. Features: Diesel/gasoline universal, strong battery. 1 charge, support up to 30 times to start the car. Polymer lithium battery, intelligent IC. Designed for car start battery, stable current, high charging efficiency, long life, can withstand the car start moment strong current shock. Explosion proof more safety, heat insulation treatment, high temperature resistance. Nine protections: polymer lithium battery, overcharge protection, voltage stabilization protection, constant charge protection, short circuit protection, over discharge protection, anti-reverse protection, temperature protection, magnetic protection. Mobile phone/digital charger, can charge USB interface electronic devices, compatible with the mainstream models in the market. Strong light LED mobile phone tube, strong light long shot, enjoy exploring the world. Suitable temperature 40 80 degrees, protection system. Product type: Car Batteries  


Charging for mobile phones and laptops, starting cars and LED light (Torch, strobe lights and S/ OS lights). Special blink blue-red light for attention others when emergency parking. Can be used at home and car conveniently. Multi-functional emergency kit that contains a car power bank. Starting a vehicle approximately 30-50 times After fully charged. This jump starter can start Gasoline car below 5.0L/Diesel car below 2.0L. For the first time to use, please fully discharge the battery and then charge it for 12 hours so as to activate the battery.   Package Includes: 1 X 69800mAh Jump Starter Battery 1 X Car Charger Adapter 1 X Plastic Box 1 X Four-in-one USB Charging Adapter 1 X AC Home Power Adapter (Plug suits your location) 1 X Laptop Adapter 1 X 12V Storage Battery Wire Clip 1 X Laptop Connect Line

Portable Car Jump Starter 1400 Amp

【Jump Starter】1400 Amp Jump starter with heavy-duty cable and clamps, Reverse polarity indication & alarm, Can start all kinds of cars, make your travel safer and more assured 【Jump Starter with Air Compressor】260 PSI high flow air compressor with easy-read pressure gauge, Inflate for car tires, bike& motorcycle tires, sport balls, air bed and other inflatable quickly 【Power Inverter】400 Watt Power Inverter with two AC 110 volt outlets, supply power for small refrigerators, laptops and other outdoor appliances when you traveling or camping 【DC Sockets】Two 12 Volt Accessory Outlets for powering DC appliances (loads up to 11 Amps), One 5V/2.1A USB power ports for mobile phone, bright Long-lasting 5-LED work light for camping 【Rechargeable Battery】12 V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery, easy-read analog voltmeter for checking battery status, please ensure the jump starter in a long-term electrified state to avoid damage battery, with AC&DC recharging adapters